Awakening - Megaforce Records (MRI) - June 2009

King Of Hearts
Acting The Fool
Bound By Deceit
An Oracle Of Things To Come
The Powers That Be
Preaching To The Condemned
Symphony Of The Apocalypse
All's Well That Ends With A Bullet
Shades Of Grey
The Gun And The Confessional
Theatre Of Illusion

The Eulogy Sessions - Internet Release - June 2007

Eulogy - Lyrics
Bringing Light to the Darkest of Places - Lyrics
Resurrection - Lyrics

Beneath Crimson Skies EP - June 2006

Nightmare Theory - Lyrics
Braver - Lyrics
Beneath Crimson Skies - Lyrics

Of Heroes and Gods - January 2006

Of Heroes and Gods - Lyrics
The Massacre - Lyrics
War Inside - Lyrics