"Welcome to the Dark Side" Lyrics

Welcome to the dark side
You can’t escape
We'll hold you down; we'll rape your mind
You think you can deny us?
Think again
Welcome to the dark side
Oh boy its time to sin
There are no morals here
There is no karma, there is no fear.
Let go and lose control
Feel your passion take hold
Feel your body take over
Rational thought has no place here
Darkness will embrace you
Drink from us, drink your fears away
Drink your worries into oblivion
That's right, we'll take you over
We'll make you feel just fine
By making you feel nothing at all
Brace yourself
We're coming to take over
You have no power here anymore
Annihilate your consciousness
Let lust reclaim your heart
Passion and power are such strong vices
Let us dissect your heart
We'll bleed you out
We'll fill you in
You'll scream and shout
As you're filled with sin
But it feels so good
We'll build you again
We'll build you black
We'll build you again
With sin and promise
Of a dark new day