"The Gun and the Confessional" Lyrics

Your residence, a place of worship a palace of the mind
God, why let a man of this pretense among your kind?
Your spirit is weak old man, falter before the knees of salvation.
Have you ever been in his presence before?
Wash your hands of this career, clergyman. You’re not alone,
The whole congregation is following empty lies, now who will lead them home?
It's intriguing to know you're deceiving those you hold
The false hope you offer is only as good in heaven as gold
What’s deceiving is the promise you prefer to conjure
Make them kneel upon the alter
Confess their sins, I swear they'll falter
Upon your throne
We'll find a man with two heads so you can baptize both of them
Find a double meaning in the collection plate
Protection only comes with a bulletproof vest and a vial of ink
To cross out the lines you choose not to preach, write the new ones instead
So defined are your followers with what you teach, such poison what they're fed
You draw people away with your spiritual slight of hand
And resurrection will never be your strong point
I must have lost my mind
Come with me to travel time
We'll go back to the days where you'd be amazed at what you'd find
I'll show you the real Bethlehem
Like you've never seen it before
It's the sinner vs. the weak
And I'm evening out the score

Hold on, the gun
Point the barrel at my head
Bite your tongue is all you said
Words can cause more harm than bullets anyway
This time its done
Even though it's been so fun
Exhausted with your oppression so
I'll use my heart as a confessional