"Theater of Illusion" Lyrics

In a theater filled with disgust and horror
Anticipation for the twists and turns of the plot
Lights, camera, action, the curtains go up
A great view from the balcony sets up the shot

A tale of passion, erotic intentions
Carnal feast for sexual pleasure, feeding your orgasmic beast
Seduction for the filth and diseased souls of town
To claim them all you'd be so proud

The characters are well thought out
Each one plays their own role so well
Words formed into lines, which spout
Fluidity pours from the actors’ mouths

Acts 1 and 2 are both the same
You flaunt your sorcery and play your game
But when the end is drawing near
You'll find sorcerer, you have no power here

This theater of illusion
Performs a daily farce
Now when we pull the curtain
I see who the actors are
The object of attention
Villain, you play the part
But this time one thing's certain
This story's gone too far

Your sorcery is beginning to decay
Alive the victims become
Shrieks and screams of what they've done
They fear for their own fate
So this is your great accomplishment
A theater you built to deceive those who loved
Who would have stayed to help you build a home
But instead come back to destroy this place