"Symphony of the Apocalypse" Lyrics

Eternity my love is a very long time
So you'd better repent of your sins now
The book I'll open shall be read aloud
For all the class to hear

Where did we leave off?
I think the basic idea is simple.
Damnation is inevitable, no-one lives forever.
The only way to save yourself is through purity.

A symphony foretelling
Rising of the beast
Faith cant save you now
The apocalypse draws near

As I write you this symphony my child
Do you understand what this means?
Your soul is not a toy, yet you play with it as it was
Feast your eyes on both extremes

Don’t take this worth a grain of salt, for it reigns from the sky
Please watch your back, your faith runs high, as the stars align
Seven heads of seven monsters you've never seen before
Crowns high adorn their heads, fixed loosely over their horns

Across the sky a crown of thorns
Sure sign the end is coming near
Rise from the depths of the ocean
The true power will arise
Inconceivable power
Creator of all
Destroyer, to fall
Devourer of worlds
Fall the galaxies at the sight
The end is near, repent