"Shake Hands, Cock Pistols" Lyrics

Shake hands, get on your pedestals
Hi how are you? Let's go to war
What? I'm sorry I didn’t hear you
Haven’t we taken this route before?
I've got a barrage of bullets behind my head
I've got an army of comebacks stirring under my bed
I've got a political ionic dissonance
I just have to become the next president
Oh, what was that, you want to be a part of my campaign?
Take off your shirt and bathe in champagne
We're not of moral men, our fiber is passion
Army boots are our past and dress suits are our fashion
We'll never recollect though we duly regret
The path we've eaten our way through to make it here today
Sit in my sandbox, Osama; let's pretend to be friends
Oops! A double cross? I bet you'd never guess it was I to start this fray
Mommy, he's not playing fair, he's fighting back
Now New York City is under attack
We'll never make it back
We'll never make it back
How can we make it back?
We'll never make it back