"Seven Deadly Sins" Lyrics

Like a smoking gun, you came to me, but I’m not the one
Who can save you from your sins, choke on your pride
You’ll always have it, but that’s all you’ll have

Such a fiend, you see a pretty face, and you tear it down
Just an object, she’s only there to please, there for nothing more
Emotions ride on the shape of her thighs, the way that she rides, the gleam in her eye
Doesn’t matter to you, you’ll drive her through, you’ll rip her hips apart doing what you want to do

You just wont stop, till it's more then done, break me till im shattered, no where left to run
Erase me from your memory, I forgot you too, so pardon me
Run away with my blood on your hands, killing time to make your escape
Flee the country, but you still cant free your mind

You’re the best of the best, but my dear I regress
Your vanity is killing me
You’re so in love with yourself
But your life’s based on somebody else

Paul: Your tragedy is killing me, you’ve raped all my emotions, there’s nothing left to feel.
Alan: This was a crime of passion, a feeding frenzy of the heart, too much to have forgotten, not enough to tear apart
Anthony: I’ll break through, the one inside, you look deep in my deception, and now you feel my lies
Consumed by hatred, you left nothing in the dark, taking lives, taking mine, and throwing it away