"Lost" Lyrics

I've been traveling down this road for a lifetime now
And I never thought you could, never thought you would leave me
Stripped of all my luggage, stripped of all my dignity
How could I express the shadow you depressed on me

The sun is shining down on me
But there's no sun in my heart, Its been shut out in the dark so please
Explain to me, what did you need
That I could not provide, cause I'm so empty inside

Cause I'm so lost, I'm so lost without you
A million maps could not help me find the way
I'm so lost I'm so lost without you
And without you I will never find my way

Its been quite some time, Years have gone by
And I still have not forgotten your face
My bags are packed, and I'm traveling the world
For something that can fill my empty space

Three thousand reststops
And a thousand motels, filled with mistakes that dwell on me
Countless restaurants
But I'm still hungry inside, the feeling just wont subside