"Inside the Lazarus Machine" Lyrics

I am the passenger on train to this city of your birth
Myriad of tress grow taller, the abolition grows close
Apparatus of the devil, manufacturing our loved into heartless
Phantasm steal my soul, I'll cut off your head instead

Spector you are no match for me, my will grows stronger by the hour
Your ineptity and misfortunate decisions I will devour
Cut out your eyes as I venture darker
Into the contrivance whence you came, I slowly ellipse myself

The beating of your heart offsets the absence of mine
Soulless bodies dance tonight, they'll dance for the rest of time
Shake down the shivers from your icy little fingers
We'll lay to rest tonight and all will be fine

This Lazarus machine
The root of all evil
Creation of all hatred
And rogue surreal
Spawns of the devil
Give birth through your arms
Wicked beast grows stronger
Go back to your hell, lest more evil spawns

The hellmouth you breed, I must destroy
My fate to carry on and venture forth
Invasion as part of the engine
Angel of darkness I become to destroy this palace

Organ of the fallen angel, devour my world?
Dissipate into the darkness where you began
Wraith, prepare to kiss the lips of your maker
This world is mine for the taking, and you will never take it from me