"Last Judgement " Lyrics

The night grows cold
So lonely, so bare
Shadowy visage, my new friend
A somber embrace you gave me
Left blinded the hearts of man
And together we will make them see
Through enchanted eyes
They will break free

Together we bring forth despair
Serving vengeance to the hungry for reform
Seeking to spread damnation to the wicked
Red tidings and a loss of faith, Your judgment conquers all

This day they fear is coming nigh
Their judgment day shall rise
Your sorrows are too late
Today is your judgment day

I shut the eyes of the ones I love
Bringing their last breath into sight
Through a kiss that could destroy the world
Tasting the final chapter of life

A plague of remorse we spread
Across this great nation
Look at what you've done
Open your eyes and see what you've become