"King of Hearts" Lyrics

Guilty of a sin I never meant to create
If you knew who I was, would you still love me?
If you knew of the atrocities that have come from my hands?
Such a crime can only be committed to the mind

Skeletons in my closet cant be locked away forever
Depth of my guilt spans years
An appetite for lust, and a lust for passion
I feed a carnal feast.
What a soulless creature am I

I'm the king of hearts, God please save me
Losing my heart, losing my soul
I can already see, whats becoming of me
Losing all feeling, Such a tragedy

I'm the king of hearts
A monster in disguise
Feeding off the passion and desire for affection
I bleed my victims dry

Am I becoming heartless?
Planting seeds in a young heart
Only to bury them in neglect
Regretting what I do, but never changing
Never fading
Never learning from my mistakes
A king of hearts with a crown of pity
A kingdom built without self-respect