"Into the Storm" Lyrics

Sacrifice tranquility
to conquer all your enemies
take hold of your abilities
and forget about prosperity
I know you'll ask
I know you'll find
The answers that you seek
Are all in your mind

To salvage your identity
A secret it will need to be
With great power comes
A great responsibility
Your closest friends can never find
The secrets that you have to hide
Your peace of mind is left behind
Unless they see it in your eyes

This is madness
This is serious
THis is dangerous
This is scandalous
This is perilous
You'll never make it out alive
You're doomed before you start
THere's no way that you can survive

All the things you love to hate
The evil you eliminate
The many times a week you spend
In a catatonic state
It seems to be the price you pay
When you have superhuman traits
But this is more than destiny
This is your eternal fate

Strength too much to show the world
Hidden behind closed doors
Waiting in the dark until
Your next battle

This fight you call your life wont end
The innocent you must defend
So you leap without looking
Into the storm