"Of Heroes and Gods" Lyrics

Run away, and never come back
You're the one with the gun and the Caradine mask
Stay fool, you like what you do
In the end we will send, and they'll come for you
They keep coming, they wont stop running
If you cant stand the heat, you better think of something
Back attack, your life flashes back
All the pain that you've felt now fades to black

Step up come on its time
You'll probably die but you're worthless alive
Its gone no time to pray
The fray's alive and its finally your day
Why cant you work with me
Afraid you'll always be
The one that's led astray
And it will never be okay

I'll be your wings
-when you need it most
Fly fast as you can
-faster than the angels
I'll be your wings
-and I'll never let you down
To Reach the Sky

We'll ride on the wings of angels tonight
Through time and space prevails
We'll set the town ablaze tonight
And onwards we set our sails
We'll make our journey towards the light
Unless our battleship derails
We'll always say that we're alright
Though we always seem to fail

Keep the faith through all the years (your)
Children cry their crimson tears (we're)
Holding hands to make it through (but)
Ten years later, we're all fooled
I hope you think, I hope you know
The heroes they will come and go
But if one thing to comfort you
That there's a god inside of you