"Forgotten Lives " Lyrics

My finale shall stand at my front door
Knowing I have nothing to show
For the live that I've lost
And foolishly thrown away
The times that I've wasted
Never experienced the fruits of my potential
I stand at the door to my demise
Embracing failure with open arms

As my soulless body descends
Down into the ground where I lay
A monument to nothing
Leading the army to damnation
As statuesque and strong as I look in death
An inaccurate depiction of my days
Too concerned and confused with my day by day
Blinded by the picture surrounding me

Looking into a grave of empty memories
A life once lived will soon be forgotten

Sometimes, in life
You keep going through the motions, never thinking with your heart
Some try, some try
They keep searching for a moment, til their lives just fall apart

A fear of death is nothing
Compared to a fear of life once lost
With a focus on what isn’t
Never appreciating what was there all along
Shackled to my fate by chains that I myself have put in place