"All's Well that Ends with a Bullet" Lyrics

Here and there I feel the memories fading
I see your hands transposed upon mine
Like a photograph the memories fade
Fade in time
Lock my love behind bars, and scars of a noteworthy romance
10, 20, life, I'm doomed to live with you in my mind
On my lips, a singe of passionate kiss
You breathe hot fire as your flesh mixed with mine
It's nice to know, as I tasted your final breath
Your words meant nothing more than mine
Fascinating and fabricating lies so I might love you just a little more
Than I did, than I did the day before
It's fading fast like a photograph in the sun, and my dear I must say
That your time is done

All's well that ends well
We all carry our own lillies and lies
Where can we stay and say we haven’t tried
All's well that ends with a bullet this time

Your time is done
Your time is done
Cant you hear me?
Can you understand the words I'm screaming in your skull?
Your time is done
It's over, it's over, it's over, it's over