"Acting the Fool" Lyrics

I buried you today
Buried you in my being
I have pictures of you in my heart
But you infect my brain no more

I pulled the plug, you just didn’t get it
It's difficult to know we have no future
You're not coming home to me anymore
This guilt will plague you the rest of life

Trembling hands, a crooked lie
My hands surround a porcelain smile
An altar fit for more than a king
But it brings me to my knees

Wear your veil, I'm unaware
A passion for my being
A thought my lust, has turned to dust
Where seeing is believing

This is my last attempt at trying
Tomorrow, you're on your own
Through this fight I stopped denying
Tomorrow, you're on your own

You've violated
My trust in you
Affection without promise is a ticking clock.

Nonchalant ambition
Fear without power
Life without lust
Oh how you devoured
My love and my trust