About us

We know the students in our schools today are so over-stimulated by media, video games, tv, movies, and more. Education needs to step up and start matching these avenues. This generation is smarter than the previous one, however due to the lack of effort to re-engineer the educational system, we're seeing low test scores and failing grades from kids that are actually quite intelligent. We just have to start thinking outside the box and allowing this generation to unlock their true potential. - Paul Starr

Starr Industries : Design & Engineering

Paul Starr From conceptual design, to engine development, coding, marketing and more. It is the vision of Starr Industries that guides the journey that is the Ninjabra franchise.

Total Tzars: Character Modeling & Animation

Total Tzars The team at Total Tzars is responsible for all character modeling, texturing, and animations for Ninjabra, as well as playing a critical role in the implementation of concepts, and designs for the personalities of the characters, and more.

Oormi Creations: Level Design

Oormi Creations Oormi Creations are the developers for all level environments, structures, and objects. The overall feel of the environment for Ninjabra.

Amblagar Studios: 2d Character Art & Design

Amblagar Studios From in game 2d character art, to t-shirt logos, and more, all of the "cartoon-style" art for Ninjabra is done by Amblagar Studios. Giving it the lighthearted, and overall comical and fun feel.