Ninjabra News

Spyfall set for Spring/Summer 2013 release

Spyfall for PC/MAC is set for Spring/Summer 2013. Spyfall is a language based adventure, teaching everyone from kids to adults, their language of choice. Spyfall will release initially in French, Spanish, and German languages for PC/MAC, with other languages and platforms to come in the Fall.

Imagine a world filled with covert operations, special ops, epic weapons, fun characters, and epic choices to make, guiding you through a dynamic and unique experience for each and every player, while teaching you to speak a foreign language without the hassle of studying with your nose in a book. Spyfall is better than a french tutor, better than learning spanish dvds, better than german language flash cards, Spyfall is an engrossing experience that will suck you in, without even realizing that you're learning in the process. You'll be so mesmerized by battling and puzzle solving, that it won't seem like 'studying' or 'work'. Learning can be fun, with Spyfall.

Ninjabra: Battlegrounds in development

Ninjabra: Battlegrounds will be an online free to play epic battleground. This will be a non-educational title featuring your favorite characters from the Ninjabra universe, including Wasabi, Tenji, Oscar, Ra, Sydney, Breaker, and more. Ninjabra: Battlegrounds will be releasing with 8 playable characters, which you can use to battle your friends online, in crazy levels filled with powerups, traps, magic, weapons, and more. Tenative release for this is Summer 2013.

SpyFall character creation contest unveiled!

Want to become a video game character? The SpyFall promoter for a day challenge lets the monthly winner do just that! Think you've got what it takes? Learn more and sign up today at Facebook.com/NinjabraGame.

Ninjabra Titans officially in engine development stages.

Ninjabra Titans, a 3rd person adventure game for PC/Mac and potentially iOS and Android is currently in development. Ninjabra Titans will feature a vast landscape with monsters to fight, towns to explore, people to talk to and learn from, weapons, magic, dual realities, portals to unlock, treasures to find, and exciting new characters to meet. Oh, did we forget to mention voice acting? :)
Tentative Release date is first quarter 2013.

Ninjabra: Epic Algebra Battles released!

Ninjabra: Action Math released for PC and available now! Think of Ninjabra as your own personal algebra tutor in a pc game. Whether you're having help with pre-algebra, algebra 1, or algebra 2, Ninjabra is sure to be more cost effective, and more effective at teaching than a traditional algebra tutor. Improve your skills, or your children's algebra and pre-algebra skills with Ninjabra today. Check out the store section to pick up your copy today!
Mac version coming September 2012.